Why Use Diamond Drillers?

Why Use Diamond Drillers?

Diamond drillers have a range of benefits which is why Diamond Drilling Contractors are the first port of call for many businesses in the construction industry. Diamond drillers ensure a high-quality finish thanks to their precision. Furthermore, they come with a range of benefits such as reducing noise and dust pollution. As diamond is the toughest material in the world, diamond drills are incredibly versatile and can be used in a range of construction projects. So when might you need to use diamond drillers?

When To Use Diamond Drillers

  • Removing Concrete Slabs

Diamond drillers can use a technique called stitch drilling, which creates a range of holes in a pattern which can be incredibly useful for large projects. At Clean Cut Drilling in London, some of the projects where we use stitch drilling, include removing slabs from a bathroom in Claridge’s, London. Due to the fact, there were residents below; our ultra-quiet diamond drills were to perfect tools to get the perfect result while minimising disruption and noise pollution.

Stitch drilling can be incredibly useful for removing damaged areas of a structure, without requiring the whole structure to be removed and replaced. With stitch drilling, it is easy to only remove the section of the structure that you want without impacting other areas.

  • Holes for electrics

Another benefit of diamond drillers is the fact that they can drill through walls and other structures while minimising the risk to the structural integrity. The area that the diamond drill will be used will remain intact. This is due to the precise nature of the drill; making is minimally invasive while still having the strength and the power to achieve the desired result.

Often diamond drillers are used to create precise and accurate holes in walls which can be incredibly useful for electrical requirements and other similar requirements.

  • Lift shaft

Another exciting project for Clean Cut Drilling in London took place at 22 Bishopsgate which will be the tallest building in the city. The skyscraper will reach a height of 278m consisting of 62 storeys. The team at Clean Cut Drilling were tasked with diamond drilling holes in the lift machine room, that was halfway up the construction on the 32nd floor.

Clean Cut Drilling was kindly commissioned by Otis Lifts to help with their installation.

  • Channels and pipes

Another use of diamond drillers is for the creation of channels, opening channels up and installing pipes. Diamond drillers can be used for both commercial and residential projects thanks to the fact that diamond drills can reduce the amount of noise pollution and dust pollution.

What’s more, the efficiency of diamond drillers means that projects can be completed quickly, while leaving a crisp, neat and smooth finish behind.

If you’re looking for precise drilling for your next construction project in London or across the UK, then get in touch with Clean Cut Drilling for our diamond drillers and expertise.

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