When Do You Need Diamond Drilling Contractors?

When Do You Need Diamond Drilling Contractors?

Why Your Next Project Needs Diamond Drilling Contractors

For precise and accurate drilling with a high-quality finish, diamond drilling contractors are an increasingly popular option in the construction industry. Diamond drilling takes its name from the fact it has a diamond drill bit attached. So why do we se beautiful diamond stones in construction? Diamond is the hardest naturally occurring material in the world. This means it is robust and powerful enough to tackle a range of hard materials. Diamond drillers can drill through concrete, stone, metal and glass.

What Is A Diamond Drill?

A diamond drill offers core drilling thanks to a rotary drill. The drill has a diamond drill bit which enables the drill to be incredibly precise, accurate and careful. When using skilled and trained operatives, diamond drillers can complete holes without impacting the structural integrity of the material or construction. This is because the drill uses a non-percussive technique.

Typically, a diamond drill will be able to bore holes between 8mm and 1500mm. However, this can vary depending on your chosen diamond drilling contractors. Furthermore, Clean Cut Drilling also offer stitch drilling techniques to provide the correctly sized hole for your needs.

Due to the precise nature of diamond drilling, it becomes essential in a range of construction projects. For example, if you need to create small holes for wiring or anchoring bolts, diamond drilling can be the solution. Diamond drillers can also help to produce a larger opening, for example, when you require a duct or plumbing option. Another popular reason to enlist diamond drilling contractors is for conducting concrete sample analysis.

Four Benefits Of Using Diamond Drilling Contractors

  1. Versatility

As diamond is so strong, it can cut through a range of material. Some of the materials that a diamond drill can cut through include glass, stone, concrete, asphalt, tile and metal. If you have any masonry or stonework, then a diamond drill may be your only option for a clean, sharp finish.

  1. Dust-free

While the diamond drill is in use, it runs water through the shaft of the drill to reduce the level of dust. Instead of entering the atmosphere creating unpleasant and dangerous working conditions, the dust is collected in the water, keeping a dust-free and comfortable work environment.

  1. Adaptability

Diamond drilling contractors can operate a diamond drill in a range of environments and situations. Operatives can use the drill in a vertical or horizontal motion for complete adaptability to your requirements. Furthermore, it is possible to deploy diamond drillers in confined spaces and even underwater!

  1. Quiet Functioning

In many construction sites, it is essential to keep disruption to a minimum. Diamond drilling is an ideal choice as it is relatively quiet and fuss-free. Its low level of noise means operatives can use the drill in a working environment with minimal disruption to nearby workers. Furthermore, the process is powerful and quick, meaning diamond drilling contractors can be in and out of the site quickly for a hassle-free service.

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