Hydraulic Bursting

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How It Works.

Hydraulic bursting is the most efficient and safest technique for breaking down large masses of concrete, stone, and masonry structures in the most manageable way. The method produces minimal to zero noise and vibration during the deconstruction process. When accurate and noise-free demolition is required in places like schools, offices, hospitals, supermarkets, and businesses, hydraulic bursting makes for the best solution.

Hydraulic bursting initially involves the use of a diamond drill to create holes in a mass of concrete or stone. Once diamond drilling is completed, a hydraulic buster head is put inside the pre-drilled holes and the pressure is raised considerably, in excess of 2000 tonnes, to achieve controlled breaking of the material.

The enormous pressure makes concrete crack instead of getting shattered into small bits, therefore reducing the risk factor. For larger concrete structures that need to be broken apart, the process is repeated until the entire structure is cracked into several small sections.
When used with diamond drilling, the non-percussive hydraulic bursting process can remove large sections of the structure in a quiet, clean, and safe manner.


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