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How It Works.

Our diamond wire sawing provides a precise straight-line method of cutting openings in concrete and masonry of almost any size or depth using either water cooled or dry cutting methods.

Find out more about our diamond wire sawing methods:

Handheld Sawing

Whether you need a micro-sized hole or a deep cutting through concrete, we specialise in accurate handheld diamond sawing services to suit your construction project, which can be used in conjunction with our Floor SawingWall Sawing and Wire Sawing techniques.

Diamond Chain Saw

  • A diamond-tipped chain which can cut all materials such as concrete, brick or block up to a depth of 600mm.
  • Use where accessibility is restricted.
  • Applications can include creating openings in masonry walls, cutting concrete pipes to length and for more intricate work such as trimming pre-cast planks or stairs.

Ring Saw

  • A unique drive system allows cutting to a depth of 250mm using a 350mm diameter diamond tipped blade.

Standard Angle Grinder

  • Fitted with a diamond tipped blade, used for shallow cutting and light trimming.

Hydraulic Cut-off Saw

  • Powered from a petrol, LPG or 3-phase pack and used to cut up to 150mm deep in brick or reinforced concrete.

Diamond Wire Sawing

  • Horizontal, vertical and angled cutting of circular openings up to 2500mm diameter with smooth cut face.
  • Unlimited cutting depth.
  • Cut in half the time of other cutting methods – 2sqm / hour cutting rate.
  • Non-percussive, fumeless and quiet.
  • Fast and highly cost effective.
  • Remote controlled operation for increased safety.

How It Works.

A low weight saw with a multi-stranded wire, fitted with diamond impregnated beads is threaded through a series of guide pulleys and passed through or around the section that requires cutting and formed into a loop. The wire loop is pulled continuously, under tension, through the section until the cut is completed.

The most practical option for cutting through structures and cross sections that are too large to be cut using other methods, making wire sawing the ideal method for use during isolation works prior to demolition.

Floor Sawing

  • Cut through floor slabs of up to 750mm.
  • Use of electric saws to reduce noise and eliminate harmful exhaust emissions.

How It Works.

A diamond-tipped blade is mounted onto the sawing machine, the appropriate diameter and appropriate for the material being cut.

Perfect for cutting external horizontal surfaces such as roads, pavements and airport runways, we can produce clean edges in a very short space of time.

Track & Wall Sawing

  • Cut to a depth of up to 600mm (or 1200mm if cut from both sides).
  • No dust or vibration, safe, fast and highly cost effective.
  • Blade types to suit every application.

How It Works.

A diamond blade is mounted on a track and powered either by electric or turbo-fuelled equipment, depending on whether the job is located internally or externally, for vertical and horizontal cuts can be use. Split saws are used for inaccessible areas.

Both the track saw set-up can also be deployed on steep inclined surfaces where a slab saw cannot be used safely. Wall sawing is typically specified to cut precise apertures through concrete or brick structures including openings for doorways, ventilation units, windows.

The most efficient and precise method of creating openings in concrete walls and floors, horizontally or vertically, where heavier floor saws are not feasible.


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