Controlled Demolition

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Our Controlled Demolition Services Are Safe, Fast And Highly Cost Effective.

Clean Cut Drilling can carry out all aspects of controlled demolition including the dismantling of brickwork or concrete structures in areas such as working offices, warehouses and factories where noise, dust and minimal disruption is expected.

We operate our own range of electric robotic demolition machines to carry out concrete and masonry demolition. Our machinery is powerful and equipped with attachments that make easy work of demolition. We can operate in confined spaces or where access is limited.

Find out more about our controlled demolition methods:

Concrete Bursting

  • Virtually silent with reduced vibration, safe, fast and highly cost effective.
  • Uses 3-phase electrically or petrol operated machinery.
  • Suitable when noise needs to be kept to a minimum, where large breaker machines cannot reach, and vibration is not permitted.
  • Ideal for breaking up plinths, thick slabs, rock, large mass concrete, ballast etc. and is powerfully effective against deep concrete masses.

How It Works.

A quiet and efficient method of controlled demolition used to remove large concrete structures such as foundations, pillars, bearers and concrete walls.

Burster heads are inserted into holes in the concrete and pressure is applied via a hydraulic power pack into pre-drilled holes to crack the concrete. The process is repeated until the whole structure is fractured into smaller sections and ready for removal.

Concrete Crunching

  • Compact equipment that can access difficult spaces.
  • No dust, water or noise.
  • Safe and non-percussive, so does not affect the structural integrity of any surrounding buildings.

How It Works.

A technique used to break concrete quietly and with minimal disruption. It is the perfect tool for stairwells, walls or even floors.

Jaws are applied to the open edge of the concrete and powerful hydraulic breakers put pressure on it to close the gap, using 30 tonnes of pressure to squeeze the concrete and causing it to break down. This action is repeated until the entire concrete structure has been removed. The jaws can be mounted onto a machine or can be handheld, giving flexibility to use it however is most suitable.


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