Health and Safety Policy


Clean Cut Drilling Limited will, so far as reasonably practical, carry out all provisions stated in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1973.

Clean Cut Drilling Limited prioritises the health and safety of its employees and all other relevant parties above all else and views compliance with this policy as the responsibility of both its management and employees.

Statement of general policy

Clean Cut Drilling Limited is committed:

  • To provide adequate control of health and safety risks arising from its work activities;
  • To consult with its employees on matters which may affect their health and safety;
  • To provide and maintain safe plant and equipment;
  • To ensure safe handling, storage and transportation of substances of hazardous to health;
  • To ensure its team is competent and trained in all areas of work;
  • To provide information, instructions and supervision for all employees;
  • To work to prevent all types of accidents and near misses;
  • To maintain a safe working environment by reviewing and revising this policy as necessary and at regular intervals.


MARK SCORER has overall and final responsibility for health and safety. KATE SCORER has day-to-day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice.

MARK SCORER has responsibility for ensuring all employees are provided with relevant health and safety information and for the supervision of all personnel working for Clean Cut Drilling Limited, including the safe use of equipment and systems of work.

Supervisors and managers must provide adequate supervision to ensure that safe systems of work are being followed.

Clean Cut Drilling Limited’s employees are responsible for the health and safety of themselves and those around them, to follow safe systems of work, not interfere with anything that safeguards their own health and safety and report any concerns to supervisors and managers.



All staff and subcontractors will be given a health and safety induction and provided with appropriate training, including manual handling, asbestos awareness and working at height.

All Clean Cut Drilling Limited employees will be asked to provide proof of training, including:

  • NVQ qualifications;
  • Asbestos Awareness Certification.

Supervisors and managers are responsible for identifying training needs.

KATE SCORER is responsible for keeping a record of all training.

Risk Assessments

A written risk assessment will be carried out by the supervisor for all work activity, prior to it starting. Hazards will be identified and control measures implemented to eliminate risk, or reduce to an acceptable level and the risk assessments will be provided to operatives.

MARK SCORER will be responsible for ensuring a safe system of work is established before work commences. Risks and mitigations will be assessed on a weekly basis or when the work activity changes, whichever is the soonest.

Clean Cut Drilling Limited is not of a sufficient size to warrant establishing a Health and Safety Committee, but the company will communicate with its employees on a regular basis and will actively encourage feedback.

First Aid

Adequate first aid provisions will be available at all sites. All first aid incidents will be recorded.

Welfare Facilities

Management will ensure there are adequate welfare facilities on all sites.

Accident Reporting

In the event of an accident, Clean Cut Drilling Limited will be aware of the location of first aid kits, be able to make first aid assessments, and know how and where to access trained personnel.

Clean Cut Drilling Limited will keep a company first aid kit on every site and its employees will be aware of the location of the first aid/site nurse.

All employees will report accidents to their supervisor or manager.

MARK SCORER is responsible for investigating accidents to prevent recurrence and ensure safe work practices are being carried out.

MARK SCORER is responsible for reporting any accidents diseases and dangerous occurrences to the enforcing authority (HSE or local authority).

All accidents will be recorded in the accident book which is kept by MARK SCORER and is located in the offices of Clean Cut Drilling Limited.

Emergency Procedures

MARK SCORER is responsible for carrying out fire risk assessments.

Escape routes will be well signed and kept clear at all times. Evacuation plans will be tested periodically and updated as necessary.

Clean Cut Drilling Limited employees will attend site inductions and follow on-site fire and evacuation procedures, including:

  • Evacuation procedures;
  • Deployment of fire extinguishers;
  • Location of the fire muster point;
  • How to raise the alarm.

Safe Plant and Equipment

All plant and equipment used will be tested and certificated to its relevant safe working standard.. For example, we will PAT-test our electrical equipment every three months.

MARK SCORER is responsible for ensuring all identified maintenance is implemented.

Safe Handling and Use of Substances

Clean Cut Drilling Limited will assess the risks of substances hazardous to health and adhere to the regulations set by Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) via the following measures:

  • Use of safer substances wherever possible;
  • Assessment of exposure risks;
  • Monitor and control of measures;
  • Use of relevant Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
  • Provision of sufficient training;
  • Safe storage of hazardous products.

Monitoring, Review and Audit

We will monitor Health and Safety related risks on a weekly basis by performing ad-hoc checks and an audit of current sites/workplaces to ensure our working practices are being followed, by:

  • Carrying out weekly spot checks;
  • Recording and investigating any near misses;
  • Recording and investigating any accidents;
  • Recording and investigating any ill health that may have been directly caused by the workplace.

Clean Cut Drilling Limited has ensured there are arrangements in place for regular review of this policy statement.